Training about Improvement

There is a critical relationship between continuous improvement, productivity and competitiveness. Increasingly organisations are recognising the need to focus on all aspects of their performance from a value perspective as a central strategy for sustained viability – and indeed survival –  in an increasingly demanding and competitive marketplace.

Many global organisations have significantly improved bottom-line performance by implementing improvement programs. Improvement is a proven concept and has saved organisations millions of dollars. However, the diversity of improvement methodologies, tools and standards have created a confusing environment for organisations seeking to improve.

The Thrive Plus approach to improvement focuses on demystifying the complexity and focuses on teaching participants to leverage the correct approach for the opportunity on hand. Thrive Plus blends recognised methodologies including Lean, Six Sigma and PDSA to provide participants with a clear approach that reduces waste, minimises defects, improves efficiency, implements controls and delivers desired outcomes.

Thrive Plus offers several training options to develop the capability of individuals to deliver rapid ROI through improvement. Click here to access the Thrive Plus training schedule or email us to enquire about inhouse training options.

Optimising Process Improvement (White Belt – 1 Day)

This workshop is designed for individuals and organisations that are seeking to get started with process improvement. During this workshop participants will learn about process management, quality management systems, key process improvement methodologies & tools and how to start improving processes by leveraging common concepts that focus on the low-hanging fruit.

Click here to download the workshop brochure.

Lean and Improvement (Yellow Belt – 2 Days)

This course is designed for Improvement Champions who are responsible for leading the improvement efforts of an organisation. Our approach teaches participants to identify and remove waste in processes, minimise opportunities for errors and defects, implement controls and deliver desired outcomes. The focus will be on determining the opportunity on hand, developing a tailored approach to address it and to rapidly implement a relevant improvement.

Click here to download the workshop brochure.