Thrive Plus collaborates with SAI Global to accelerate the implementation of an Excellence Program by leveraging a digital performance management solution. SAI360 is a comprehensive software solution that streamlines the Excellence Program enabling organisations to benchmark their performance against the seven categories of the Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF). The system will help you measure and monitor your performance ensuring you stay on track.

Benefits of using SAI360

  • Measure and track Excellence Maturity against each Category
  • Benchmark performance to understand and implement best practice
  • Efficiently conduct individual self-assessments, surveys and workshops
  • Automatically generate an Excellence Maturity Score based on responses
  • Capture all evidence in a central repository
  • Drill down on data using a real-time configurable dashboard
  • Automate tracking of improvement initiatives
  • Develop customised assessment criteria for your organisation
  • Create centralised reports with the ability to integrate data from other sources

Outcomes for organisations

  • Performance audits and easy reporting
  • Effective use of facts, data and knowledge to improve decision-making
  • Assurance of sustainable performance

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