Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the most exciting technological innovations that are enabling paradigm shifts in operational productivity. It is based on the notion of software robots that provide organisations with a virtual workforce that is cheaper, more accurate and works 24/7 on a multitude of tasks.

How is RPA different?

Automation solutions and automated workflows have been available for a few decades now. RPA represents a radical evolution and provides software robots that work like human beings. Unlike traditional automation solutions, the software robot will emulate what a user does by logging into your existing software applications and performing tasks based on a defined sequence and following business rules. For example, the software robot can read an incoming email, answer the question that is posed, provide further information that may be requested, insert key information into your CRM system, trigger an action in your ERP system and schedule a follow up task for your team member.

RPA is a lot easier to deploy than most traditional business applications. The software robot – in fact many robots – can be installed on your personal device or on your corporate server. You train them, provide them with business rules and a set of work priorities. Most RPA solutions now include a level of artificial intelligence that learn what to do by observing your team in action.

How can Thrive Plus help?

Leveraging RPA is a question of when rather than if. However, organisations are still coming to terms with RPA and are challenged with identifying which processes can and should be automated for optimum results. Thrive Plus guides you in this decision-making by helping you to understand what RPA is, assessing how RPA can benefit your organisation, identifying key processes that are ripe for automation and guiding you in the selection of the right RPA technology partner. We have relationships with most of the leading RPA technology providers and can help you to identify the best technology and subscription that meets your needs.

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