Research & Analytics


Thrive Plus provides results-focused research and analytics that focuses on value. Organisations have to ensure that investments yield true competitive advantage and generate the best possible ROI. We help organisations to determine the value to stakeholders and develop strategies that help to maximise the value. We work with reputed partners in the fields of research and analytics to provide our clients with a tailored combination of the following key approaches.


Quantitative Research – We delve into the psyche of your stakeholders to understand their current and future needs, their perceptions of the brand, quality and relationships. We help our clients to understand how their organisation is positioned in the minds of their stakeholders. The techniques we would use are primarily in-depth interviews and focus groups.

Qualitative Research – This approach is used if our clients wish to measure or track specific external and internal developments such as staff satisfaction, customer satisfaction, brand and ad tracking and communication effectiveness.

Analytics – We study non-consumer led data such as sales, results from satisfaction surveys, process errors, website traffic and performance indicators. Our approach to analytics transforms disparate data sets into a meaningful and integrated picture of an organisation’s performance. We translate complex mathematical findings into actionable business insights and strategic implications which aim to drive sustainable performance. By using innovative modelling methods, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business strategies and provide recommendations to address your key issues with pricing, advertising and operations. Our analysis enables you to reallocate resources to optimise performance.

Benefits of Research and Analytics

  • Understand past performance and leverage learnings to improve ROI of future business strategies and operational initiatives
  • Use scenario modelling to optimise sales and marketing strategies to increase revenue
  • Increase organisational accountability for decisions through effective ongoing analysis of performance
  • Measure the impact of marketing initiatives – such as increasing awareness, consideration, brand equity – in driving your bottom line results and profitability
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