Process Improvement

Process improvement generally refers to the task of identifying roadblocks, analysing the current situation, exploring the root causes and improving the way things are done with a focus on the customer. Improvement can include a simple change to a policy, removing unnecessary tasks, incorporate automation and the implementation of new technology. Process improvement enables an organisation to meet new goals and objectives, such as increasing profits and performance, reducing costs and reducing cycle times.

Different methodologies have been developed over time to achieve successful process improvement outcomes. 7R, BPR, Lean, Six Sigma, PDSA are some of the better-known methodologies with proven results. With the emergence of such a rich array of methodologies, organisations seeking to initiate process improvement are also faced with confusing choices. The different strengths of the many methodologies are poorly understood.

At Thrive Plus, we specialise in simplifying the choices available to organisations and supports capability development that is appropriate to the organisation’s needs. We provide support and coaching to practitioners to apply the correct tools to the relevant opportunities and to guide our customers to identify and deploy relevant technology solutions where needed. We increase the effectiveness of your process improvement efforts and enable rapid benefit realisation. Our most popular solutions include the following.

Lean Events

A lean event (also known as a Kaizen Event) represents an accelerated and focused application of process improvement techniques to a carefully selected process issue generating rapid ROI.

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Nintex Promapp

As one of the most experienced partners of Promapp, we work with the Nintex Promapp team to deploy Promapp providing our clients with a process improvement solution that is easy to deploy and delivers rapid results. Simple navigation, dashboard and process ownership tools make Promapp intuitive and easy to use.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Thrive Plus partners with some of the leading global providers of RPA technology to help our customers to easily deploy and leverage software robots. At the forefront of this game-changing productivity revolution, we work with our clients to integrate automation into their critical processes and rapidly improve efficiency, effectiveness and performance.

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Improvement Support

Working in close collaboration with our clients, we map processes, develop the required process architecture, deploy improvements and embed a culture and tools that drive ongoing process improvement.

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Process Training

Developing internal capability to improve processes is essential for any organisation to sustain effective process management and improvement. Thrive Plus offers a range of training workshops to develop the capability of your team.

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Improvement Coaching

Most commonly paired with one of our training workshops, we support identified process leaders within your teams to deepen their understanding of Promapp, process management and/or improvement techniques to deliver faster benefits in your workplace.

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