Performance Scorecards


Effective performance management is an important element of sustainable performance. An organisation needs to determine a clear direction and ensure alignment of all organisational elements to achieve commonly understood goals and objectives. Performance scorecards have become a popular methodology for performance management.


Thrive Plus provides organisations with tailored, aligned and integrated scorecards that monitor performance at all levels of an organisation. The scorecards focus on balanced outcomes that are based on long term sustainable performance. We test the relevancy of performance objectives by rating them against criteria defined by business excellence models. We can assist you to make your scorecards live by integrating technology and monitoring performance using real-time data that draws on your existing business management systems.

Simplicity is essential to ensure effective scorecards. Our approach is unique and focuses on scorecards that provide your organisation’s leaders with the relevant information to make decisions that continuously improve performance.

Business Model Alignment – Thrive Plus recognises that for most organisations effective performance management relies on an aligned business model that ensures synergy between all organisational units to achieve the organisation’s broader goals. We can support organisations to align and innovate your business models to ensure an accurate understanding of performance required at all levels of the organisation.We develop your capability to ensure that all individual elements of your organisation are aligned and collated to provide a sustainable structure that achieves your objectives.