Perception of Value Surveys

Perception of value surveys (also known as satisfaction surveys) allow you to track customer, staff and/or stakeholder perception about your organisation, satisfaction with your services, identify gaps between expectations and actual satisfaction in your product, brand and organisation, and explore and test potential solutions. Driving and sustaining high levels of satisfaction amongst staff, customers and stakeholders promotes business growth, longevity, retention and brand loyalty.

Key Deliverables

Perception of Value surveys will provide you with the following insights:

  • Perception among all stakeholder segments
  • In-depth analysis of satisfaction levels among customers, staff and stakeholders across all key touchpoints and all segments/teams
  • Feedback on satisfaction gaps and potential improvements
  • Customer, staff and stakeholder needs analysis to improve business results
  • Impact of product/service/price/operational changes
  • Competitive analysis


The Perception of Value Survey will focus on answering key business questions related to your brand equity, staff engagement, how your product/service compares to customer expectations, opportunities for improvement, and stability of future business growth. Key benefits of this study to your company include:

  • Rigorous review and benchmark for future performance
  • Increased revenue and profits through implementing recommended solutions based on real customer, stakeholder and staff needs
  • Sustainable strategies to sustain high levels of satisfaction to drive business growth

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