Melbourne Excellence Leadership Workshop


Thrive Plus is running an Excellence leadership workshop in Melbourne from 15-17 February 2017. The three-day learning event will be led by David Sikorski – a reputed Excellence practitioner and trainer. David has been associated with the Australian Business Excellence Framework since its inception and works with other international models of excellence and various management sub-systems to enable his client organisations to perform in a planned and controlled manner without compromising on the adaptability needed to seize the opportunities presented by dynamic economic and regulatory environments.

Participants in this learning event will understand the:

  • Benefits of using Excellence Models
  • Underlying Principles of Business Excellence Framework and their application
  • Key Business Excellence concepts including Systems Thinking
  • Value of conducting a systematic assessment of organisational performance against the criteria of an Excellence Model
  • Concepts of Excellence Maturity and benchmarking
  • Key Improvement Methodologies that enable excellence

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