Marketing Mix Modelling

Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) is an analytical approach that uses historic information to quantify the impact of your marketing mix on your performance against indicators such as leads, sales and revenue. Accurace uses advanced statistical techniques coupled with a deep understanding of your industry and market to identify and measure the performance of your marketing mix.

Accurace develops a tailored approach for each customer to understand the impact of base and incremental influences in driving business growth. Understanding and quantifying the effects of these drivers will allow you to forecast business growth at any given combination of positive and negative drivers (controlled by your organisation as well as dictated by the category and market).

Key Deliverables

Marketing Mix Modelling will provide you with the following insights:

  • Identification and measurement of the impact of drivers on growth
  • Sources of business growth across all drivers across time periods
  • Return on investment by marketing channel


Marketing Mix Modelling will focus on answering key business questions related to measuring the impact of your product and pricing initiatives, marketing campaigns, competitive activity and category/market forces. Key benefits of this study to your organisation include:

  • Rigorous review and a benchmark for future performance
  • Increased revenue and profit by optimising product/pricing strategies and marketing campaigns
  • Sustainable communication strategies to improve revenue performance

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