Lean Events

A Lean Event is an accelerated and focused application of Lean tools to a selected process to provide rapid improvements and ROI. A Lean Event is a rapid improvement methodology that allows you to identify and eliminate waste in a process and to build upon value-adding aspects of a process. Waste is any activity or task that unnecessary. By striving to eliminate waste from your processes, your organisation will reduce lead times, excess motion and transport, wait time, over-processing, inventory, and defects. The Lean Event will focus on developing, testing and deploying a new and improved process with relevant controls to embed the change.

Lean Events are well-suited to rapidly address improvement opportunities and eliminate frustrating roadblocks. Lean Events are also tailored to provide organisations and individuals with a taste of Lean and can be an ideal pilot to determine whether Lean and Process Improvement is suitable for your organisation.

By hosting a Lean Event you will:

  • Immediately remove waste and duplication with the practical application of Lean tools to an actual process
  • Optimise the workplace to better complete the work on hand
  • Reduce operational costs by minimising wasteful activities
  • Determine whether Lean is relevant to your organisation
  • Document the new and improved process to embed the change

Event Structure

By hosting a Lean Event, a carefully selected team from your organisation will work in a collaborative environment to improve a process under the guidance of experienced Lean facilitators from Thrive Plus. The team will review, improve, reconfigure, test and implement a newly designed process that will address a key issue or bottleneck in your organisation. We will guide your team to select and use the most relevant process improvement techniques to achieve your desired outcomes in a fast-paced and focused environment.