Leadership Coaching

Leadership is an essential element in progressing an organisation’s Excellence Maturity. Thrive Plus supports leaders to embrace the Principles of Business Excellence and leverage the guidance of Excellence Models and related improvement methodologies and toolsets.

The role of leaders is critical to ensure the continual alignment of an organisation’s systems and processes to the desired future state, to address prioritised opportunities for improvement and effective implement projects/initiatives/actions. It is important that Excellence concepts be reinforced to ensure that an organisation’s leaders can make steady progress and provide effective guidance to the organisation throughout its Excellence journey.

Each coaching program is heavily tailored to the specific requirements of each customer. We work with you to identify the key leaders in your organisation who will be instrumental in guaranteeing the success of your Excellence journey. A tailored program will then be developed aligning the right coach to the right leader. Coaching programs are typically separated into individual and group sessions.

Individual Coaching

The coach will provide the coachee with individual coaching sessions with a focus on further developing the understanding of Excellence Models and guiding the coachee in leveraging the Business Excellence Principles to make day-to-day decisions. The goal of each session is to further develop the capabilities of the leaders to progress the Excellence Maturity of the organisation. Each individual coaching session will typically include:

  • Determining key priorities for the leader
  • Reviewing progress on previously agreed actions
  • Assessing past actions against expected outcomes
  • Providing guidance on Business Excellence Principles
  • Reviewing decisions made
  • Providing tips and toolkits to overcome obstacles

Group Workshops

Collaboration among leaders will be important to the success of any Excellence Journey. The group workshops will focus on structured learning on new Excellence concepts and sharing of insights by leaders. The focus will be on aligning excellence initiatives in the organisation and identifying opportunities for leaders to help each other in their efforts.

To understand how Leadership Coaching can support your organisation’s Excellence Journey, email us today on enquiry@thriveplus.com.au.