Improvement Support

Effective process management is essential to the success of any organisation. Processes form the basis of knowledge, provide guidance to your workforce, give assurance to your stakeholders that their requirements will be met, ensure the quality of your products or services, and helps you to identify opportunities for improvement.

Thrive Plus supports our clients to develop process management and improvement architectures that deliver on business results. Our services typically include:

  • Facilitation of process workshops
  • Interviews with key stakeholders
  • Process and procedure documentation
  • Identification and rectification of process gaps
  • Policy and business rule review
  • Training of staff


Below are some of the more common benefits realised by our clients when working with our team.

  • Consistency in product or service delivery
  • Improved product or service quality
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and advocacy
  • Knowledge capture, retention and sharing
  • Increased efficiencies and cost reduction
  • Faster employee induction and training
  • Better integration and collaboration between teams
  • Reduced staff frustration

We often bundle our Improvement Support solutions with our other solutions such as training, Promapp or Robotic Process Automation. Contact us to find out how we can help you by emailing