Improvement Coaching

Thrive Plus was founded on the principle that we will always focus on developing the capability of our clients to minimise dependence on external support. All our solutions incorporate knowledge transfer to take ownership of the solution. However, we also recognise that learning takes time and to support you to effectively apply the knowledge, we provide coaching and support services.

Due to its very nature, each coaching program is heavily customised. We will work with you to identify the appropriate process leads within your organisation who will benefit the most from coaching. The role of the process leads will be critical in ensuring the continual alignment of your processes to the desired future state and to effectively address prioritised opportunities for improvement. It is therefore important that process management and improvement concepts are reinforced to ensure that the organisation can make steady progress.

Coaching is typically separated into group and individual coaching sessions.

Individual coaching

Our coaches are carefully selected based on the specifics of your organisation and of the individuals. The coach will provide your process leads with individual coaching sessions to further embed process management and improvement in your organisation. The goal of the coaching is to further develop the capabilities of the process leads and to drive continuous improvement of your organisation’s results. Each individual coaching will typically include:

  • Determining key priorities
  • Reviewing progress on previously-agreed projects/initiatives/actions
  • Agreeing on required actions within the specific remit of the process lead’s responsibility
  • Reviewing improvement outcomes
  • Providing guidance on key process management and improvement techniques including: mapping, management, Lean techniques, systems thinking and statistical thinking
  • Providing tips and toolkits to overcome obstacles
  • Reviewing documentation developed by coachees

Group Workshops

Your organisation’s ability to effectively adopt process management and improvement also depends on the collaboration between process leads. In addition to individual coaching sessions, we typically facilitate structured group workshops for coachees. These sessions typically focus on:

  • Further training on selected topics
  • Sharing of progress and learnings
  • Active exploration of opportunities to collaborate and align

To explore how Thrive Plus can assist you to maximise the value of your process management and improvement efforts, contact us now by emailing: