Foundational Data Analytics Driving Organisational Excellence

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Alan Skinner is the Director of the Lean Six Sigma and Business Excellence Institute (LSSBEI) and a lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney. LSSBEI is a leading international education and consulting institute devoted to organisational excellence and improvement.

Introduction and Purpose

The terms ‘Big Data’, ‘Data Science’ or ‘Data Analytics’ have becoming increasingly popular with numerous conferences and symposiums of late. Reports on trends in Data Analytics reinforce the directions of the Organisational Excellence Philosophy defined by the various worldwide Excellence Frameworks. In particular, the Category representing the Management System of Measurement, Information and Knowledge described in all frameworks.

My main points in this discussion are:

  • Trends and useful ideas observed about Big Data and Data Analytics reinforce the ideas expressed in the Excellence Frameworks. The ideas from Data Analytics add definition to the Approach and Deployment to developing a system of Measurement, Information and Knowledge within an organisation.

Attempts to introduce ideas reflecting the Data Analytics trend are likely to fail without a clear enabling framework as found in the Excellence Models e.g., a lack of an architecture of measurement tied to strategy, a lack of commitment to studying variation emphasised in the Excellence Frameworks.

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