Excellence is defined by the Global Excellence Model (GEM) Council as “the ability of an organisation to continuously improve the outcomes delivered to all of its stakeholders”. The ability of an organisation to the successful in the long-term is dependent on the capability of its leaders, people and business model to deliver these continuously improving outcomes.

Around the world, Excellence Models – such as the Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF) – offer guidance to organisations that are pursuing Excellence and provide a method to quantify and measure Excellence maturity. An Excellence Model is an integrated leadership and management system that describes the elements essential to organisations sustaining high levels of performance. An Excellence Model can be used to assess and improve any aspect of an organisation, including leadership, strategy, planning, people, knowledge, safety, service delivery, quality and bottom-line results.

Over the years, Thrive Plus has developed an unrivalled reputation for effectively supporting organisations that seek to leverage the guidance of Excellence Models. Our team has worked with many organisations to streamline operations, adopt the guidance of Excellence Models and embed a culture of improvement that aligns to the Business Excellence Principles. Our most popular services include the following.

Capability Reviews

We work with organisations to assess the gaps in their leadership and management systems, benchmark against best practice and to develop results-oriented improvement programs.

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Leadership Coaching

We support organisational leaders to deepen their understanding of Excellence Models and progress improvement using related improvement methodologies and toolsets.

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Excellence Training

Developing internal knowledge and capability is essential to the success of any organisation’s Excellence Journey. Thrive Plus offers a unique set of training workshops to develop the capability of your team.

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Working in partnership with SAI Global, Thrive Plus provides you with a performance management tool to drive business excellence by digitising how an organisation assesses, measures, benchmarks and tracks organisational excellence maturity.

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ISO Management Systems

We work with organisations to develop management systems that conform to the guidance of diverse ISO standards and deliver business results. We specialise in developing genuinely integrated management systems that comply to diverse requirements that an organisation needs to comply to.

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