Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation Studies allow you to identify and understand in-depth all the primary segments amongst your target population comprised of your prospective customers (new acquisition) and current customers (repeat/loyal purchase). This analysis will facilitate a more effective product/service, pricing and communications strategy to drive greater conversion cost-efficiently.

Key Deliverables

The Customer Segmentation Study will provide you with the following insights:

  • Description (demographics and psychographics) of all primary segments of your target population
  • Attitudes towards your organisation
  • Triggers and barriers to purchase
  • Brand perceptual mapping
  • Competitive analysis
  • Primary channel consumption
  • New product or service take-up


The Customer Segmentation Study will focus on answering key business questions related to driving new and repeat purchase amongst your target population. Key benefits of this study to your organisation include:

  • Thorough understanding of your target market as well as satellite markets from the perspective of customer behaviour
  • Increased revenue and profits through optimising sustainable campaigns and improving effective reach cost-efficiently
  • Products and services that are tailored to your key customer segments, encouraging loyalty

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