Council Report Card

The Council Report Card provides local government authorities with an accurate, rigorous and regular measurement on their performance, priorities and profile. Through our in-depth research solution, we help Councils understand the needs of their communities, measure community perceptions against key performance indicators, and benchmark their own results against market/industry averages.

Key Deliverables

Your Council Report Card will:

  • Regularly track your Council’s performance from the community’s perspective and identify strategies to drive improvement
  • Identify and rank Council services for more effective prioritisation
  • Create community segment profiles
  • Benchmark your Council’s performance with other Councils, markets and brands for a greater understanding of your Council’s brand position
  • Calculates an Excellence Score based on community perception


Your Council Report Card will:

  • Focus on delivering actionable strategies specific to the dynamics and challenges of your Council
  • Provide greater scientific rigour behind measuring Council performance by applying current, diverse analytical techniques
  • Incorporate state and industry averages for easy comparison and perspective on your Council performance
  • Provide an indicative Excellence Score based on community perception
  • Employ a Net Promoter Score for your local government area’s brand positioning against other LGAs, state averages and other well-known brands

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