Clare – CEO Accurace

Having held Managing Director and Vice President roles in global agencies, Clare helps clients optimise business operations to maximise performance through research and analytics solutions.

For more than 20 years Clare has worked in research and analytics roles on the client-side and agency-side in the Australian, Asian and North American markets. She has helped small, medium and large multinational organisations to achieve their business objectives and improve strategies in diverse sectors including government, retail, FMCG, finance, media, advertising, automotive, community services, electronics, online services and manufacturing.

Clare is the Founder and CEO of Thrive Plus subsidiary Accurace and leads a team specialising in helping clients to maximise performance objectives (e.g. sales, revenue, profit, leads, website traffic) cost-efficiently by optimising their strategies, product mix, pricing, operations, brand and processes. The strategic recommendations provided by the Accurace team are derived from managed qualitative and quantitative research combined with econometric modelling. Clare’s strong technical expertise coupled with her ability to translate complex statistical findings into normal business speak guides the Accurace team in providing value adding insights and visualising solutions to clients.

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