Capability Reviews

Thrive Plus works with organisations to assess the capability of their organisation, identify gaps and develop effective improvement plans. We use a proprietary capability review methodology that provides a high degree of rigour to the identified insights, implications and recommendations. Although we frequently use the Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF) as the primary lens for our capability reviews, we often blend other frameworks, standards and models to provide unique insights that are relevant to your specific needs.
All our capability reviews are customised to your unique circumstances and can take the form or a comprehensive review or a compressed snapshot. Our approach for both is aligned and revolves around five core stages of capability maturity. An organisation’s maturity is quantified through a proprietary scoring methodology that is based on the ABEF, but is uniquely calibrated and weighted to provide a score that allows an organisation to benchmark itself against others and measure progress over time. The core stages of capability maturity are illustrated below.

Compliant – A compliant organisation focuses on meeting the product or service requirements of customers, complying to regulatory obligations and to the requirements of core stakeholders.

Efficient – Organisational efficiency is built on the foundation of quality without compromising the ability to deliver on requirements. A focus on reducing waste and maximising productivity becomes essential when building a competitive organisation that can meet the challenges of an ever-changing business environment.

Effective – An organisation that aspires to long-term success needs to extend beyond compliance and efficiency to develop the correct organisational behaviours that focus on value and outcomes.

Sustainable – Sustained results are achieved when and organisation focuses on continuously improving the outcomes delivered to stakeholders. The organisation will have the correct tools to continuously measure perception of value of all key stakeholders and will use the insights to improve behaviours, the business model and processes.

Agile & Innovative – Organisations that succeed in the long-term are those that innovate their business model to adapt to the changing market and regulatory environment. Agile organisations are sustainable organisations that are change seeking and have behaviour that rapidly adapt to change without compromising on compliance, efficiency or effectiveness.