Business Excellence Masterclass


Applications to attend the 2017 Business Excellence Masterclass in Sydney are now open. The Masterclass is a unique opportunity for business owners and leaders to develop their plans to deliver performance excellence. Given that the Masterclass relies on mutual support and collaborative learning, only carefully selected participants will be accepted to ensure that maximum value is delivered to all attendees.

During an intense three-day Masterclass, each participant will work collaboratively with other participants and individually to:

  • Develop and refine your organisation’s business operating model
  • Identify, optimise and map the key processes that will deliver your success
  • Assess your organisation’s past performance against the criteria of the Australian Business Excellence Framework to determine the key priorities
  • Develop your plan for resilience, success and excellence
  • Create a preliminary budget that will support your plan
  • Determine your sales & marketing strategy

Participants in this Masterclass will be supported throughout the three days by some of the leading subject matter experts in business excellence. The environment will be fast-paced and dynamic with a focus on creating a plan that will deliver on your objectives. Participants will learn key concepts that deliver business success while simultaneously putting the learnings into practice.

On the final day of the Masterclass, all participants will be required to present their plans to a group of relevant stakeholders appropriate to their organisations. The presentations will allow the participants to test the viability of their plans and to get invaluable input that will help to strengthen their organisations.

Please email to obtain a relevant brochure about the Masterclass including an application form. Note that the Masterclass will have two streams: one for commercial businesses and another for government.

For further information about the Masterclass, feel free to contact the Thrive Plus Managing Partner – Ravi – by emailing