Business Excellence in Government

Diagram of business excellenceThrive Plus is running an Excellence leadership workshop in Sydney from 24 to 26 May 2017. This workshop is run on behalf of Local Government NSW (LGNSW) and is tailored to the needs of government. The workshop will provide participants with essential learning about Excellence Models and their use in government. Although leading international Excellence Models and related concepts will be explored, the focus will be on the Australian Business Excellence Framework (the Framework).

The Framework is an integrated leadership and management system that describes elements essential to sustainable organisational excellence.  It is based on a set of 9 proven Principles of Leadership and Management, which are translated into a set of criteria with 7 Categories containing 16 Items.  It also includes a system of self-assessment based on the concepts of organisational learning to ensure improvement of an organisation is targeted and enhanced.

Participants in this learning event will understand the:

  • Benefits of using Excellence Models
  • Underlying Principles of Business Excellence Framework and their application
  • Key Business Excellence concepts including Systems Thinking
  • Value of conducting a systematic assessment of organisational performance against the criteria of an Excellence Model
  • Concepts of Excellence Maturity and benchmarking
  • Key Improvement Methodologies that enable excellence

For further information about this learning event, please email or register directly with LGNSW.

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