Brand and Ad Tracking

Brand and Ad Tracking Studies allow you to monitor the health of your brand, understand the nature of your brand equity and its impact on your business growth, identify your brand’s market position relative to your competitors, and measure the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives and the impact of product/service/price changes. Brand equity drives stability of future business growth.

Key Deliverables

The Brand and Ad Tracking Study will provide you with the following insights:

  • Marketing funnel trends (e.g. awareness to conversion to preference) and which stages have the largest drop-offs
  • Brand image attribute analysis
  • Brand perceptual mapping
  • Marketing campaign analysis (including verified recall analysis)
  • Impact of business changes
  • Competitive analysis


The Brand and Ad Tracking Study will focus on answering key business questions related to your brand equity, measuring marketing effectiveness, and impacts on future business growth. Key benefits of this study to your organisation include:

  • Rigorous review and benchmark for future performance
  • Accurate brand positioning in the market and amongst customers
  • Increased revenue and profits by optimising marketing campaigns, operations and reach
  • Sustainable communication strategies to improve revenue performance

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